The cat hoarders of Los Angeles County strike again! We should totally hook this guy up with “Tammy,” the Pasadena shut-in discovered with 140 live cats stuffed into her toolshed last month.

Then again, the latest suburban cat lover on the LAPD radar, living on the 8900 block of Noble Avenue in Panorama City, seems way more serious about his craft: All 96 of his cats have actually been living in the same motor home as the man himself.

At least no one can say, “How would you like to be squeezed into a two-by-four-foot space with feces and fleas and 95 other cats crawling all up in your breathe space?” Because hey, this guy seems to like it just fine.

Other than that, the latest cat-hoarding culprit (police haven't released his name, lest he begin to receive AIDS razors in the mail) shows surprisingly similarities to Tammy.

LAPD spokesman Richard French told City News Service that, once examined, many of the Panorama City man's cats showed signs of upper respiratory ailments, dental issues and ear mites. Tammy's had eye and lung infections.

There were also dead cats and kittens found in the man's freezer, wrapped in pieces of plastic and towels. Tammy's freezer was hoarding some dead cats as well.

“I've seen cats come onto the property, but I've never seen any leave the property,'' a neighbor told LAPD at the latest bust. Sounds familiar: “When she moved here (2 years ago) she told us she had only 10 cats, but she came late at night so no one would know,” one of Tammy's neighbors told police.

LAPD spokesman French says the Panorama City neighbor reported “an unpleasant odor emanating from the motor home during the late summer.” On the first article, one of the Weekly's commenters wrote: “That place has stunk like cat shit for the 2 years I've visited a business on that same lot. There's no mistaking or ignoring that smell and anyone who says otherwise is either a liar or as crazy as Tammy.”

Freaky, right? Just goes to show — if your neighbor's yard constantly smells like two tons cat litter were just dumped in it, you're probably not imagining things. Time to call the Los Angeles City Animal Cruelty Task Force before any more of those poor kitties make it into the freezer.

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