You gotta give it to the Los Angeles City Council. It's a real go-getter of a group, ever progressive in its drive to make the city a better place.

It has deliberated and debated for more than a year on regulating the 800 or so pot dispensaries in town for our own good — to make sure that these retail drug dealers, which every government lawyer from City Attorney Carmen Trutanich to Attorney General Jerry Brown has indicated are essentially illegal, can supply us with that “purple” at a fair price. (Who cares if there's one in your neighborhood, with school children walking by it each day? The council wants to get this right). And while potholes fester, water-system pipes burst and the fire department runs with intermittent station closings as a result of a tight budget, the council treks off to San Antonio to schmooze with lobbyists at the League of Cities convention. It's a learning experience that will benefit us all, we're sure. Fresh from this junket — er, meeting — the council has wrassled a complex issue that will shape this city for decades to come (read more after the jump):

Cat declawing! That's right folks. We knew it was at the top of your list too. The council unanimously approved this historic measure to ensure that the felines of Angel City get a proper mani-pedi. (Take a bow you guys).

“We need to ban declawing, which is one of the most cruel practices,”

Councilman Paul Koretz, who co-sponsored the ordinance, said. “The obvious truth is that declawing does nothing

good for cats.”

Obviously. Just the other day we were thinking about this: What about the cats? I mean sure, we have bills to pay and more than one out of every 10 people is without a job in this nation, but for realz — it's about the kitties. Of course, we'll have to wait a little longer to have a firefighter or

paramedic show up as our homes burn and as we take our last breaths, but as long as Fluffy

has good scratchers, we're cool with it.

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