A new cooking competition show concept is in the works, we've discovered, though the name of it, and even the network it will be on, is still classified information. We admit to being intrigued, and if you're a chef, you may be, too, since like Chef Hunter, this show wins you a job.

But a restaurant job is not the aim here. Instead, the chef who comes out on top will win at least a one-year gig as a personal chef to a “major A-list celebrity.” The name of that celebrity is, of course, still under wraps.

But the elbow-rubbing begins long before that. Over the course of the competition, chefs will fly to a new destination each week, where they'll meet and cook for a different star. Makes sense since, if part of the winner's job is going to be hobnobbing, they may as well start practicing.

Interested parties should send an email to BestChefShow@gmail.com with the following information:

· Full name

· Current location

· Phone number

· Current work situation

· A picture of yourself, with your face clearly shown

· A quick note about your background in the culinary field

A producer will reply to your email if they want to move forward. Let the schmoozing begin.

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