Wearing cashmere makes me feel validated. Empowered. Like a big girl. So when I noticed my roommate floating around the house in beautiful knitted wraps and diaphanous-sleeved sweaters, I had to find out where she got 'em from. Turns out they are made by Amo and Bretti, the cashmere line run by husband and wife team Amy Krofchick and Brett Perkins. Amy and Brett grew up only blocks away from each other in Toronto, but it was some years before Brett was able to persuade Amy to move to LA and marry him.

And here's the good news – the two lovebirds are holding a sample sale on Saturday (tomorrow) at 128 Swall Drive, between Alden and 3rd. It starts at 11am and goes until 4. They will be selling their stuff from their Fall collection at must-have prices. See you there!


LA Weekly