Last week, we hipped you to a free Friday night event hosted by the Dublab crew over at Silver Lake's Hyperion Tavern. This special edition of the typically great Calling All Kids night was to be soundtracked completely by DJ'd cassette music and thus, it was dubbed Top Tape.

For the most part, it went off like gangbusters, with a surprise set from a happily wasted Money Mark, whose five choices were as predictable as they were amazing to hear in the context: bona fide relics from Beastie Boys, Prince Paul, Kool Keith, OOIOO and, yes, Money Mark.

But the night was not without incident. Event organizer, Dublab associate, and Leaving Records chief Matthewdavid lost an enviable collection of tapes which were housed within a small, black briefcase that probably looked like a pint-sized cache of ransom money.

Among the contents: some latter-day collectibles from known cassette labels like Not Not Fun and Bathetic as well as a treasure trove of old school hip-hop.

In Matthewdavid's words: “A very precious and personal collection, years in the making.”

Thing is, they're still only cassettes, so they have no real-world value, which means they're probably sitting on a square of dirty carpet somewhere, under a pile of dirty clothes marked with the telltale burn holes of gratuitous crystal meth usage.

Well, good news for you, inspired tweaker. Matthewdavid is offering a clean hundo to the person who can return the set. Not as lucrative as the break-in on the Dublab office a few weeks back, but a decent investment nonetheless, no?

Info on how you can help, and MD's homemade lost-puppy-style flier, after the jump.

When last West Coast Sound saw Money Mark, he seemed a bit bothered. One of his five tapes was conspicuously missing from his multicolored rucksack, and he was heading back into the the bar, after hours, to retrieve it. Thankfully, he has been ruled out as a suspect.*

All joking aside, it breaks West Coast Sound's heart to see pain inflicted upon those who selflessly devote themselves to furthering the cause of good music. Who burgles a non-profit? And what kind of asshole steals a man's only analog copy of Eric B and Rakim's Let the Rhythm Hit 'Em? As a bonus, help solve the mystery and we'll interview you about your club night, shitty band and/or drug problem.**

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*In the event that Money Mark reads this, it should be noted that this is a joke. We loved rummaging in your rucksack and would never accuse you of ill will.

**This last statement is by no means binding or even accurate. Unless it really will help get those tapes back, and then we'll consider it. Unless your shitty band is Shwayze.

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