Among all the creepy Casey Anthony stuff on eBay (t-shirts and trial tickets) you'll find something truly scary:

A Casey Anthony Halloween mask. The seller (“prophunter,” appropriately) is based right here in L.A.

The listing says “let's never forget poor Caylee.” Yeah, by scaring the holy living shit out of every toddler from Santa Monica to Pomona.

What amazes us about this listing?

Bidding today was reaching near $25,000. The lister claims its the sixth of nine custom latex masks made by Hollywood prop (“pop?”) artist “Torro” for a parody video — and perhaps the only one in circulation.

Boo.; Credit: eBay

Boo.; Credit: eBay

It has buggy eyes and party bags under those orbs, so that seems spot on.

But here's the thing: You could probably go to a prop house and get a custom one-off Casey Anthony mask for a fraction of that cost. And we'd be willing to be somebody's going to mass produce them in China before October comes around.

So … $25K?

Here's what the lister states (in part):

Halloween is only a few months away. Forget Freddy, Jason, Meyers, here's your chance to scare the *#&% out of everyone and win every costume contest with this amazing Tot Mom latex rubber mask, possibly the most frightening mask on the planet. And I can almost guarantee it's the 'only' Casey mask on the planet … This one is in excellent condition and it is numbered 6 of 9. I kept one for myself because I know these will be priceless. A significant piece of crime history. No matter what your opinion of the trial is, this is still one heck of a conversation piece. I bet Nancy Grace would love one of these.

Give him/her credit for a good sales pitch. But we're not buyin' it.


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