Hollywood appears to be circling around the Casey Anthony case — cautiously — this week following the not-guilty verdict in the alleged murder of her 2-year-old girl Caylee.

Former Weekly columnist Nikki Finke reports that the Paradigm agency signed Anthony defense attorney Jose Baez for “all areas including broadcasting, books, TV and motion picture rights.”

But that was last night. Five-and-a-half hours later …

… the company apparently unsigned him.

Too soon, it would seem.

People are angry about the verdict after Anthony allegedly failed to report that her baby was missing for about a month in 2008 while she allegedly went clubbing.

There's a lot of hatred in America for this woman (and her attorneys), so much so that L.A.'s Vivid Entertainment actually rescinded its own high-dollar offer to have Anthony perform in one of its adult videos.

Finke guesses there was serious blowback at Paradigm after the Baez signing. A source at the company tells her, “In the end it's just not who we are.”

Yes, Hollywood's just too classy to touch this with a 10-foot poll (at least for today).


LA Weekly