Tiger Woods will be cited for 'careless driving' in the bizarre Friday morning incident in which he mowed over a fire hydrant and ran into a tree driving his SUV just outside his Florida home, according to the Associated Press.

The Florida Highway Patrol citation carries $164 fine and four points for his driver's license, but he'll still be able to drive. His wife, who was or was not discovered standing above him holding a golf club after the accident, was off the hook, it seemed: State Troopers say the investigation is closed.

How the golfer got those cuts and bruises in the slow speed crash will be anyone's guess. We do know that there are persistent rumors that Woods has had one, maybe two affairs, and that his wife has been none too happy. (Woods has denied the rumors).

Woods was scheduled to be in town this week for his annual golf tournament in Thousand Oaks but skipped it, citing injuries. Of course surgery last year didn't prevent him from at least showing his face at the Sherwood Country Club event with which he has been associated since 1999.

A woman with whom he was rumored to be had an affair, Rachel Uchitel, flew into town recently to meet with attorney Gloria Allred for reasons unknown.

LA Weekly