There's some Mexican food on the move in Culver City today. Santa Ana's Casa Oaxaca, which has rather quietly been serving up moles, xochitl soup, tlayudas and other Oaxacan specialties for a few years now, is set to expand to Los Angeles. And best of all — their new digs are slated to open today.

The Santa Ana expansion is taking over the old Pancho's Tacos space at 9609 Venice Blvd., a short walk for anyone looking to escape the all-American burgers, beers and salads of downtown Culver City.

The Casa Oaxaca menu is mostly built for the lunch crowd, with $10 plates of bistek and marinated pork, with chicken enchiladas on the side. Fish served a la Diabla will run you $13, and arrive drowned in a warm, thin salsa, with a scoop of rice and some avocado creaminess to reset your tingling tongue. And in that same $13 price range you'll find molcajetes overflowing with an array of meats and Mexican cheeses.

As a showcase of sorts, Casa Oaxaca handed out individual molotes and quesadillas at last weekend's East L.A. Meets Napa charity food event at Union Station. The former are a sort of starchier dumpling with a creamy potato interior and bites of chorizo, while the latter quesadillas are fried with jalapeño slices and epazote. And for the kid, you can apparently order a plate of scrambled eggs and two pancakes that comes with a syrup smiley face. Although what adult wouldn't want the same the same thing?

Casa Oaxaca is scheduled to open today at 9606 Venice Boulevard in Culver City.

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