Car burglars have been stripping BMWs of pricey parts on the Westside, Miracle Mile and Mid-Wilshire in recent months, prompting cops in the Los Angeles Police Department's Wilshire Division to be on the lookout. Authorities say about 50 BMW 3 and 5 series cars have been burglarized, mostly for airbags, xenon headlights and wheels, each of which can fetch hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars on websites such as Craigslist.

It's gotta be a sad day when Tad descends from his $3,000-a-month apartment to find that his B-M is rolling on 12-inch steel brake rotors. Why do thieves always target the good ones? Why can't they set their sites on crap cars that need to be parted out anyway? For example (see our list of cars that need to be stolen after the jump):

-Any Japanese vehicle with “side skirts” and a “shopping cart” spoiler. (Those cars must be so fast with all that plastic aero kit. I mean, downforce is really important when you're cruising through the National Orange Show Events Center parking lot before a rave).

-Those douchey Chrysler 300s with chrome wheels the size of the moon. (So gangsta, yet stealth. Keep those windows dark. The cops will never suspect anything).

-Hybrids — with bumper-sticker proclamtions of moral superiority — powered by Ed Begley Jr.'s sense of self satisfaction. (If you're so righteous, why do you always cut people off?).

-Wobbling, rusting, molasses-paced, 1980s Toyota pickups loaded to the tipping point with lawn-grooming equipment and/or cardboard boxes. (Mexicans are coming to this country to take our jobs, and all they got was this crappy truck? Orale — the reconquista has begun, and it's happening at 15 miles per hour!).

This SUV:

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