Mike Feuer took City Attorney Carmen Trutanich's job with 62 percent of the vote versus the incumbent's less than 38 percent, a more than 24-point spread.

Some think Trutanich's failed run for district attorney, which had him breaking a vow to stay put, killed his chances. You might also consider his mad-dog crackdowns on medical marijuana and the fact that pot-shop regulation was also on the ballot, perhaps bringing a hostile medicinal vote to the polls. In any case, his drubbing was historic:

According to stats provided to the Weekly, no incumbent for city office has lost by more than 18 points in at least 50 years, and no city attorney running to keep the gig has lost this bad in at least 80 years.


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The only incumbent City Attorney to lose his job in an election since at least 1933 was Roger Arnebergh, who lost 58-42 to Burt Pines in 1973.

Incumbent Jim Hahn lost the mayor's job to Antonio Villaraigosa by 18 points in 2005, a year that saw many African-Americans disappointed in Hahn's replacement of a black LAPD chief, Bernard Parks.

Mayor Frank Shaw lost by 24 points, Trutanich's loss margin, way back in 1938.

Mike Feuer, meanwhile, won 14 of 15 council districts, and he did so with at least 58 percent of the vote.

If we still used rails, it looks like Trutanich would have been ridden out of town on one.

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