Assemblyman Mike Feuer is still in the hospital after a nasty car crash on Monday, but the campaign for L.A. city attorney goes on. Last night, the campaigns fought it out for the SEIU endorsement.

Feuer's team sent a surrogate, former Controller Rick Tuttle, who took some jabs at Trutanich. That has Trutanich hopping mad today, because he had avoided attacking Feuer.
“Frankly these attacks were a surprise and a disappointment,” said Rick Taylor, Trutanich's consultant. “It seems the Feuer campaign is playing politics-as-usual even though Trutanich graciously decided to hold off on criticizing Feuer while Feuer remains hospitalized.”

Speaking from his hospital room this afternoon, Feuer told the Weekly that he expects to be released in the next few days and will be back on the campaign trail soon.
“I'm gonna be OK,” he said. “I'm lucky to be alive.”
He also defended Tuttle's handling of the SEIU forum. Tuttle attacked Trutanich for refusing to take the same pay cut his staff has received, a line of attack Feuer also used at a debate last month. Tuttle also hit Trutanich for taking $1,000 from Richard Riordan, who led an aborted campaign to slash city employee pensions.
“Political campaigns involve comparisons between the candidates,” Feuer told the Weekly, pausing momentarily to have a wire removed from his chest. “The decision whether to accept a pay cut when one's entire staff is required to endure a 13% pay cut does go to leadership skills and style. It's a very important issue.”
Trutanich's consultant said he would not abide by a “self-imposed cease fire” if Feuer's campaign continued to attack. That seems to be fine with Feuer.
“The campaign is underway,” he said. “Comparisons will continue to be made.”
The SEIU has yet to issue its endorsement. The L.A. County Federation of Labor is holding its endorsement meeting on Monday.

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