Carmen Trutanich and the street art community aren't exactly BFFs.

The L.A. city attorney has targeted out-of-compliance murals, famous outdoor art-makers and graffiti taggers, sometimes with the zeal of a capital murder prosecutor.

One auteur said last year that Trutanich's campaign against street art and the people who make it was “like beating a dead horse.” Well, that horse has been resurrected in the form of an anti-Trutanich poster:

This poster and scaled-down stickers of it were sent out to the media anonymously this week:

The work portrays City Hall's top justice official as a glib man with handcuffs on the brain. If you ask us, it's clearly meant to look like the work of legendary L.A. artist Robbie Conal (see the real thing below):

However, the Trutanich piece doesn't have melted-wax decay and brutality of a real Conal, in our opinion.

The Weekly received a large poster, ideal for illicit posting and “sniping,” and several small stickers of the image. It's not clear if the thing is going up on walls near you, thus provoking its very subject.

Interestingly, the term “mister meaner” was in the news recently.

The poster's provocation, meanwhile, will only give the city attorney greater recognition in L.A. He could probably use it, as he lost his recent bid to become the L.A. County district attorney.

Maybe this could be the image for his next tough-on-crime campaign.

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