A female suspect dragging a trash can filled with body parts down an Ontario street caught the attention of neighbors yesterday.

Not just because of the smell but because, according to one witness, “she was asking some neighbors” to help her move the remains, according to Fox 11 News.

Crazy? When cops arrived to H Street and Holmes Avenue about 2:45 p.m. Carmen Montenegro was arrested on suspicion of murder.

This according to the Riverside Press-Enterprise.

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Police then checked out a nearby house on Holmes Avenue where the woman once lived. It's not clear if they found anything.

But the same witness told Fox 11 News that the suspect had allegedly buried the body in the backyard at the residence and then had “un-bury it” before carting it down the street.

A commenter at the Press-Enterprise says that backyard is “full of holes.”

To whom does that body belong? If authorities know, they're not saying.


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