Carmen Electra has been a lot of things throughout her twenty year career: Prince protégé, three time Playboy cover girl, host of MTV's Singled Out, Baywatch cast member, Pussycat Doll, wife of Dennis Rodman (for nine days in 1998), and star of the reality show 'Til Death Do Us Part: Carmen & Dave, which she appeared in with her former husband Dave Navarro.

Electra is now revisiting her musical roots with her new EDM-inspired dance track “Bigger Dick.” She calls the single a campy homage to how modern women are “coming up and taking over.” The synth-laden clubland single finds Electra declaring such lyrics as: “I got that hair, nails, lipstick and a bigger dick than you…I be on my shit, gonna make you come so quick/I got a bigger dick than you/A bigger dick than you/I got a bigger dick than you.”

We spoke with Electra about what it all means.

So in this song you're equating having a “bigger dick” with feeling a greater sense of power, right?

Yeah. My mom, who sort of had a very feminist outlook in a lot of ways, was always about taking care of yourself. I kind of grew up with her influence in my life and see that we often get into a spot where we sort of forget how we deserve to be treated. That's where I was at. Maybe the next song will be about falling in love.

Why not call it bigger tits, if it's about female empowerment?

It's funny because I didn't even really think about that. I didn't think to go in that direction, but I have been asked that question a lot. I don't know. Creatively we all came together and that's what felt right. It's a song, so to say “I have bigger tits than you,” I don't think would make sense.

What has the reaction to “Bigger Dick” been like so far?

I think people know exactly what I mean in the song. A lot of women, housewives and female audiences go 'Yeah! I'm not going to take that. No way. Why am I staying in this relationship? I'm doing everything. I take care of the kids and I'm working and my husband is lazy and I'm letting him stay and I'm wearing the pants and doing everything.'”

It's been really interesting to hear the response. A few people have communicated with me their feeling that it's a girl power kind of song, which is exactly what I was going for in a very bold way.

Listen to “Bigger Dick” above.

Obviously you're an extremely beautiful woman, and the song addresses the power of beauty and sexuality. What's your experience as a female who has embraced her own sexuality as a method of creating professional success?

It's a part of who I am, truthfully…Why not celebrate your sexuality? It's not the worst thing. I think maybe someone looking in from the outside would think that life is always perfect on this side of things. There are amazing perks; I'm not going to lie or even pretend, and this is what I want to do so I take all that comes with it, but I think some of the most fearful people overcompensate with sexuality, in a sense. Like the guys you see with all the tattoos who look scary.

Some people might see me as larger than life, or always strong. People think I'm tall, and I'm only 5'2. I do get really insecure and I do have those days where I feel ugly and have those normal feelings. When I do get to do something where I feel comfortable about my sexuality and where I'm at and feel happy in that moment, I'm not afraid to let myself feel it. Everyone, no matter where you're at, has human problems. I don't think I'm perfect, and I'm my own worst critic.

Credit: Credit:  Jonathan Clay Harris

Credit: Credit: Jonathan Clay Harris

When do you feel like, “Wow. I have a really big dick right now”?

I was angry about a situation that I allowed myself to be in, and I didn't stand up for myself and allowed it to go on for a long time. I was made to feel uncomfortable about it. I knew [getting out of it] was the right thing and it was one of those moments that I wanted to shout “I'm getting my shit together.”

Prince took you under his wing when he signed you with Paisley Park Records in the early '90s. What did you learn from working with him?

I learned so much. He was constantly in the studio. His work ethic is beyond. I don't think I've ever worked with or seen anyone else work as hard as he does. His freedom of expression. Getting the chance to see him perform, every time it was different. There was a structure but then it was kind of loose. He's one of the greatest of all time. When you put yourself in those environments, if you want to learn something you will, and I took a lot from that experience.

And he gave you your name, right?

He did, yeah. My real name is Tara and there was an artist at that time who had a number one dance hit, and her name was Tara as well. We were trying to figure out what to do, and we watched a movie called Carmen Jones and he said, 'I really like the name Carmen. I see you as a Carmen.' I thought about it for a second and after adopting it as a stage name it stuck and everyone called me Carmen, so I decided to keep it forever.

Who are the biggest dicks you've encountered throughout your career?

Oohhhh no. I'm not going there. That's asking for trouble. [laughs] I'm not going to call anybody out…but there have been a few.

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