Turns out a lot of you did stay home for Carmageddon. (Good boys and girls) And you watched some really shite movies. (Bad).

Well, at least you showed some L.A. love, as at least two of your top five on-demand pics over the weekend were rooted right here in the City of Angels.

That's according to Time Warner Cable, which announced this week that it received 1.5 million orders for on-demand videos over the weekend. It listed the top 5 flicks:

1. The Lincoln Lawyer [based on a novel by modern-noir writer Michael Connelly, formerly of the Los Angeles Times].

2. Insidious

3. Arthur

4. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1

5. Battle LA [Battle: Los Angeles] [Carmageddon meets Space Invaders].

Obligatory corporate quote from Time Warner Cable spokesman Jim Gordon:

The most requested Movies On Demand over the Carmagedden weekend show the diversity of the Southland, with everything from comedy to drama to a deathly battle with evil forces vying for the top slot.

Slim pickins if you ask us, Jim. But thanks for the list. After looking it we can't wait to get back on the 405.


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