Nothing screams America quite like the pairing of burgers and beers, and just in time for the Fourth of July, Carl's Jr. has combined both into one cheesy (literally) fast food product. 

The result is the Budweiser brew house bacon cheeseburger, a 1/3 lb. patty smothered in Budweiser-flavored beer cheese, applewood-smoked bacon and grilled onions, topped with lettuce and tomato and sandwiched between two brioche-style buns. (Because the cheese is simply beer-flavored, it won't give you a buzz.) And it apparently doesn't taste much like a cold brew, either. 

At least that's the conclusion of Wreckless Eating food blogger Matt Zion, whose recent YouTube review has helped catapult the burger into something of a viral sensation. But according to the Southern California–based blogger — his other equally adventurous videos include reviews of the Dunkin' Donuts sour apple coolatta and a tutorial on making Warheads vodka — the burger doesn't exactly stack up to its ambitious name. 

“The only thing that I am noticing that would change this from a normal Carl's Jr. burger is the overabundance of cheese,” Zion said. “Like, there is so much cheese on this thing, like it's pretty dominant, but I'm not really tasting anything other than that. There's no beer taste or beer flavor in the cheese or anything like that.” 

He notes that while Carl's Jr. has previously rolled out burgers named after beer and booze — there's the Redhook beer-battered cod fish sandwich and the midnight moonshine burger — this one's unique in that it names Budweiser specifically. 

Still want to give it a try? Turns out you'll have to drive to San Bernardino County to order the Budweiser beer house bacon cheeseburger anytime soon. A rep from the fast food chain's PR company said the burger is being tested in Ontario for a possible systemwide introduction in the future.

The creation was inspired by the sports bar appetizer of soft pretzels served with beer cheese dipping sauce, and it'll cost you $5.29. But based on Zion's not-so-stellar review, you might be better off just ordering a classic burger and cracking open a can of beer separately.

Happy Independence Day. 

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