With the new Democratic super-majority in the state legislature and President Barack Obama's landslide victory in California on Election Day, the Capitol Resource Institute is now declaring a “culture war” in the Golden State — and the Sacramento-based conservative advocacy group promises to “never surrender.”

“We appreciate your commitment in standing with us in this culture war,” the group writes in a recent email to supporters. “Our war may not be a military conflict yet if lost it would be irreversibly damaging. We have won several battles and we have lost others but this war is far from over.”

Is it just us, or does CRI seemed very pissed off? The word “war” is used three times in that statement. We get it, already.

CRI is decidedly rightwing, saying on its web site that its mission is to “strengthen families… by working to influence public policy.”

Among other things, the group unsuccessfully sought to overturn a state law that makes it mandatory for California public schools to teach about the contributions that prominent gay folks have made to society, and CRI heavily criticized a federal ruling that found Proposition 8, the anti-gay marriage ban, unconstitutional.

“The truth will always prevail and we are confident that the traditional-and true-definition of marriage will be upheld by the Supreme Court,” CRI executive director Karen England said in a press statement about the Prop. 8 ruling.

Note to England: The truth appears to be leaning on the side of the gays, with an historic election night featuring major wins for openly gay candidates and gay marriage across the country.

Additionally, voters went against several of CRI's “ballot recommendations” and passed Governor Jerry Brown's Proposition 30 tax hike, approved another ballot measure that makes California's Three Strikes Law less severe, and voted down an initiative that would have prevented labor unions from using payroll fees for political funding.

What CRI and England have planned for the next phase of their culture war, which hasn't been too successful in recent years, isn't clear. But, according to the group, “With you we shall continue fighting this culture war with growing confidence and growing strength in the air.”

Like we did for their failed attempt to ban the teaching of gay history in schools, we'll be diligently keeping an eye on them.

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