Cannons Fire for Björk: Michelle Joy of electro-pop band Cannons told us about her Björk experience.

Michelle Joy: The best gig I ever saw was Björk: Biophilia Live at the Palladium in Los Angeles in 2013. Björk took the audience into an entirely new world and kept us there for the entirety of the show. A world where music, nature and technology blended into one seamless, celestial, full-body-chill-inducing, live performance.

The concert started with an 18 strong all female Icelandic choir. The choir sounded so heavenly, I swear she plucked angels right out of the sky that night! Then Björk walked on stage as though appearing out of a pile of fairy dust! Each song introduction was narrated by legendary David Attenborough, describing the music and nature technology mission of each piece.

The notes she hit, the power in her voice, the raw yet gentleness of her existence gave me full body chills and eyes that couldn’t help but well up. Midway through the set she introduced us to a massive “Tesla Synth Coil” that played the bass notes to “Thunderbolt” and later included a massive gravity harp in the set that sounded so incredibly gorgeous. I was speechless.

For a moment, I had escaped my constant day to day life and was transported into a visual and sonic dreamscape that only could have been envisioned and brought to life by someone like Björk. The bar for concerts was set so high that night and remains in the stars with Bjork at the time being!

Cannons Fire for Björk: Cannons’ new single “Purple Sun” is out now. They play the El Rey on March 1, but it’s sold out.

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