Being a parent is a wild, magical, exhausting and fulfilling journey. Speaking from personal experience, it’s easy to get swept up in the label of parenthood and forget oneself. And while tending to your tiny flock is a responsibility that should be taken seriously, so should your responsibility to take care of yourself. 

Personal wellness matters. And the desire to maintain yours is nothing to be ashamed of. Being named “mom” or “dad” doesn’t exclude you from enjoying the vast and various benefits of cannabis, especially if it can enhance your life. From enjoying cannabis for health benefits, mental wellness and just plain fun, many parents are a part of the cannabis community. 

Being a parent who enjoys cannabis is unfairly taboo in some circles, which is frustrating, given how broadly accepted and celebrated drinking culture is. However, unlike alcohol, cannabis is a lot easier on the liver, doesn’t give you a hangover, and can be tailored to your specific needs. For me, a smooth Indica strain helps wonderfully with after-work stress and insomnia. For my husband, a light Sativa makes our weekend chore list a lot more manageable. For both of us, hybrids are a great way to amplify date night. 

Receiving the benefits of the cannabis plant isn’t always easy to do as a parent. The cannabis of our youth wasn’t exactly discreet in smell or method, but thankfully, time and technology have changed. From cannabis drinks to CBD mixes and discreet vaping gear, there are a whole lot of ways to reap the wellness rewards of this natural plant that are discreet, scent-free and safely out of reach for little hands. 

As a parent, you may not ever get time to be fully “off the clock,” which is why 7/10 is a great holiday for you. Celebrating cannabis-based oils, this day brings about tons of deals that are friendly to a budget, as well as a lot of education on how you can make cannabis work for you. This education involves teaching people about ways you can imbibe lightly, minimize psychoactive effects, and ensure you are your best self while also taking care of yourself. There is a lot of space between cannabis-free and high, and it’s within that space that I explored to come up with my list of the best cannabis products for parents this 7/10. Even better? A lot of these brands are headed up and represented by parents themselves. 

*As you may have noticed, I am a writer, not a doctor. Please consult with your MD about cannabis use before adding it to your wellness routine. 

Mad Lilly

Mad Lilly

When it comes to a cannabis brand supportive of parents, Mad Lilly tops the chart. They’ve created support network Moms For Mary with a Dads For Mary campaign as well. #MomsForMary is a community of moms who share their positive experiences with cannabis and inspire those that are canna-curious to discover how the plant can improve their overall well-being. They also seek to end the unfair stigma surrounding parents and responsible cannabis use.

“In the same way airlines tell you to secure your oxygen mask before helping children and those around you, I believe that responsible cannabis use is a form of self-care which leads to being a better partner and parent,” explains Judy Yee, CEO and co-founder of the company that makes Mad Lilly. 

The company recently commissioned a nationwide Harris Poll survey to learn more about parents and their cannabis use. They found that two-thirds of parents of kids under 18 who have used cannabis (67%) say that using cannabis makes them a better parent. They also found that 64% of parents of kids under 18 who have used cannabis said that they use cannabis to help them deal with the stress of parenting.

Furthering my point above, the poll data showed that over three-quarters of parents (aged 21+) with kids under the age of 18 who drink wine/alcohol (78%) would try replacing it with cannabis.

Mad Lilly has made it their mission to make this switch easier, crafting unique and tasty (if I do say so myself) alcohol-free THC spritzers and cannabis-infused tonics. It’s a relaxing way to refresh yourself, and it’s easy to tailor to your own preferred dosage based on how much of it you drink. 



Moxie creates some of my most favorite vape carts. Discreet and portable, it’s a tidy way to find your vibe. With several strains available, Moxie has made their award-winning Sauce concentrates with individual needs in mind. From strains that give you energy, to those that help with depression and anxiety, it’s a natural wellness alternative that parents may find very helpful.  



MX is still technically Moxie – a product line that partners with greenhouses and outdoor growers. Their live resin carts are essentially to-go dabs with a friendly price point.


Rise N’ Shines

Green Roads Rise N’ Shines Immune Support Gummies

For those looking to bypass THC in favor of a cannabinoid that has no psychoactive effects, Green Roads’ Rise N’ Shines gummies are a great mix of health and happiness. They mix a healthy dose of vitamin B12, vitamin C and CBD, as well as elderberry extract to aid your immune system and help you overcome the everyday stress of parenting and adult life.


Lifted Made Nano CBD Water Enhancers

Drinking water is something I have the hardest time remembering to do, either because I’m too busy or my toddler is always knocking over my cup. Lifted Made has created Nano CBD Water Enhancers to help thirsty parents stay hydrated.

“The combined stress caused by the pandemic, climate change, food and housing cost inflation, societal unrest, political polarization of our society, and online work intrusions into our evenings and weekends, has caused many parents, like me, to try to find a way to unwind without getting our brains scrambled by alcohol or delta-9-THC,” explains Gerard M. Jacobs, CEO of Acquired Sales Corp., the corporate parent of Lifted Made. “Lifted Made’s delicious CBD water enhancers help everybody to find a clear-headed equilibrium – and chill out.” 

Just be sure to keep well out of the reach of tiny hands!



New to cannabis? Platinum is geared toward consumer-friendly products, with their more “entry-level” edibles, along with some tasty live resin vapes. Edibles allow you to be very specific with your intended dosage, making them a great parent-friendly product. I love their chocolates, a discreet way to ingest cannabis that’s very, very yummy. Personally, I think they are the perfect addition to any evening self-care routine. 

“I am a firm believer of family first,” says George Sadler, Platinum president. “We are a family company and the company is literally my family. My two sons, Cody and Nathan, are a huge part of our success. We have many long-term employees that are part of the extended family. As a team we work hard, have celebrations and support each other in and out of work. The result is quality, consistency and a healthy competitiveness to be the best at what we do.”



22Red’s sauce is made for parents who are well-acquainted with cannabis. 22Red’s products include THC flower, badder and sauce and are made for the more experienced cannabis user. They’re launching live resin badder and sauce concentrates in Nevada just in time for 7/10, with a planned expansion into the California market soon. 

Not down with THC? Their Watermelon CBD tincture is one of my favorites (so much so that I give it as gifts to my cousins to help them get through stressful workdays!). They even sell it in vape form, which takes the relaxation experience to another delightful level. 




Hii Stick

Hii Stick

Delta 8 THC has hit the market in a big way, and you may have heard about it. A cannabinoid, Delta 8 is a 100% natural derivative that has been studied for over 60 years and has boomed in popularity recently. Delta 8 amplifies the individual personalities of strains, with a lot less of the heavy psychoactive effects. As with any cannabis product, you want to make sure that what you are ingesting is safe. Always make sure to purchase Delta 8 THC from a company with lab-certified authenticity. Hii is a trustworthy brand to enjoy, as they use lab-certified ingredients to make their products. 

HVGC Live Resin Vape

HVGC’s Liquid Live Resin vape cartridge is an amazing way to feel good while doing good. Founded and operated by a team of dedicated Marine veterans, 100% of the profits go toward the Battle Brothers Foundation, a nonprofit that funds research on how cannabis can help treat post-traumatic stress and pain in veterans.

“What I find most interesting in this community is when people ask me, ‘What do you tell your kids?’ They are young right now, but I will have no problem telling them what I do when they are able to understand. To me, we are just working to help our fellow vets. I use cannabis to help me with my ailments, just like others use medication to help them. I believe being honest with them is the best, most sincere way to parent while having the privilege of working in the cannabis industry,” shares Bryan Buckley, veteran and president/CEO of HVGC. 

Bryan Buckley

HVGC’s cannabis is made to meet the needs of adults seeking to add whole body wellness to their daily life. HVGC’s Live Resin vape cartridges give you a potent, flavorful high that delivers the full spectrum of cannabinoid compounds and terpenes straight from the highest tier of cannabis flower. Packaged in .5g cartridges, HVGC’s cartridges are crafted to provide minimal loss of terpenes and ensure consistency you can feel with each hit. HVGC’s 100% Liquid Live Resin strain is available at participating California dispensaries

“Being a father and brand owner in the cannabis industry, I strive to approach them with the same level of education, awareness, and responsibility I do with everyone I come in contact with,” explains Matt Curran, co-founder and chief operating officer of HVGC. “I’ve worked hard to demystify the plant and remove all the ‘cool factors’ of getting high. My kids love science, so I ran with that. One of our co-founders is a close friend and we all sat down together and went through the cannabinoid and medicinal properties of cannabis and then we covered the agricultural aspects of the plant. I want them to have as much fun with the endless possibilities of cultivation and all the amazing things you can do as a grower and take every opportunity I can to reinforce the science, what the plant can do medicinally, what our mission is and who we’re helping and why.”

To learn more about HVGC’s mission, visit


TribeTokes is another cannabis company dedicated to giving back. A luxury CBD vape oil, skincare and wellness product line, founders Degelis & KymB strongly believe in the healing power of cannabinoids for their ability to improve people’s quality of life. However, not everyone has access to cannabis, let alone quality cannabis extracts. To address this gap in care, TribeTokes partnered with a leading medical marijuana practitioner, Dr. Lynn Parodneck, to provide patients in need with free CBD products. Called the Pot Luck Program, TribeTokes CBD aims to serve those with chronic pain and other ailments. 

I’m a fan of their 1:1 Ratio – CBD:Delta 8 THC Oil Disposable Vape Pens, as it’s the best of both worlds. 1:1 ratios take the best part of each cannabinoid to create one powerful substance. In this case, the combination of CBD and Delta 8 hits a home run calming high, perfect for when you need a moment of tranquility.




On the subject of ratio blends, Wellfounded makes smoke-free tinct

ures that help to relieve, restore and relax. Extracted from pesticide-free sun-grown flower from CEO and founder Sara Rotman’s 65-acre organic farm, each all-natural blend magnifies the powerful healing benefits of cannabis. 

“Cannabis allowed me to find wellness in my body, skin and soul,” explains Rotman of her journey in creating the Wellfounded brand. 

Each CBD:THC tincture is customizable, providing flexible dosing options for everyone from novice consumers to connoisseurs. It’s a great choice for a parent new to canna wellness, and for those that need to destress and center themselves. 


Dripp Extracts

For a traditional 710, Dripp Extracts makes a badder that is out of this world. What is Dripp badder? A homogenous blend of cannabinoids and naturally derived, live resin terpenes, whipped to a texture somewhat resembling cake batter. Like cake batter, it tastes delicious. Dripp makes five flavors/strains of badder: Cherry Bomb, Papaya Delight, Kush Mints, Grape Soda and Sour Berry. 

Get those kids in bed, pull one of these bad boys out, and you’ll feel like you’re on vacation. 



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