'Twas the night after Christmas, and all through the hood, people were driving super slowly, but this was pretty much understood. Kinda. Candy Cane Lane is an eight block stretch in Woodland Hills where the neighbors put up a plethora of Christmas lights and pay massive electric bills. (For more photos, view slideshow here.) To get there, exit off the 101 on Winnetka. Then head for the intersection of Lubao Ave. and Oxnard St. Most folks drive 5 mph in their cars with their headlights dimmed–making it look eerily like a funeral procession.

I went with a couple of friends and we parked and walked, which is way more fun but nobody else was doing. My friend Jay, who has recently started exercising, kept cursing the people in cars each time we'd have to cross the street and someone would nearly run us over. “If this were Europe, nobody would be driving!” he'd yell each time. Um, yeah, Jay, if this were Europe, nobody would have a Garfield, Odie and Nermal reindeer sleigh or a pink animatronic Christmas flamingo, either. So, learn to love it, alright?

This particular stretch of Woodland Hills is very dark. If you go, maybe bring a flashlight. Some things I would like to know are: Is it acceptable to run up to someone's front lawn and snap a picture up close and personal, or does neighborhood-light-observing etiquette dictate that you remain on the sidewalk? If you refuse to put up Christmas lights, will the neighbors shun you? Is it bad form to copy someone else's decor?

And finally, why has nobody done a skeleton or haunted house-themed Christmas display? Dear Woodland Hillians, I present this idea free-of-charge for your consideration.



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