Now that we are on the home stretch of 2022, there have been some pretty shocking revelations when it comes to celebrities. These celebrities who have been canceled have managed to tick off a lot of people. Not only that, in many cases they took their reputation further down the drain by not apologizing for their scandalous behavior. 

1. Kanye West is one of the most recent celebrities who have been canceled in 2022

Ye has always been known to steal the spotlight when it comes to Hollywood gossip, as he seems to attract a lot of bad issues. 

From his beef with Taylor Swift to the most recent issue today, which involves the termination of Ye’s collaboration with Adidas and Balenciaga due to several issues linked to the rapper, everything he says just piles up and creates more problems. 

For the most part, based on offensive words that Ye has heaped on people, groups and communities all over, Adidas has issued a public statement regarding the termination of their partnership with the rapper. 

Adidas states that the company “does not tolerate antisemitism and any other sort of hate speech” and further states that the comments he has made the past year, especially against the company itself, were “unacceptable, hateful, and dangerous.”

It seems like Ye’s antisemitic comments were the perfect opportunity for the brand (Adidas) to finally put its foot down. 

The reality of it all is that Ye has had his personal beef with the sports apparel brand way back in the summer of 2022, when he accused Adidas of “stealing” the design of his Yeezy Slides and implementing it on their new shoe, the Adilette 22 slide sandals. 

You think the Adidas issue is bad? Wait until you hear about the other issues he has blurted out to the public, for which he, by the way, has had his social media accounts blocked on occasion. 

There is some debate whether Ye has truly been canceled in the court of public opinion or will make a comeback. Time will tell.

2. James Franco 

No one likes anyone who preys on minors and uses their position to exploit others sexually. This is exactly what the actor allegedly did in 2018, and since then, five women have come forward and accused Franco. 

His last appearance on television was on HBO’s “The Deuce,” in which he was granted permission by the director and producer to continue his role in the show despite the issues tied to him. 

Not only has the public canceled Franco over the course of this year, but also his longtime friend and co-actor, Seth Rogen, severed ties with him, further stating that he no longer has any intentions of working with Franco in the future. 

Still, Franco has returned to acting, but his star has dimmed thanks to negative connotations.

3. Matt Damon 

During an interview with the Sunday Times on August 1st, Damon was canceled due to the fact that he had been using an LGBTQ+ slur until his daughter called him out. 

People, especially his avid fans, were shocked to discover that the actor was “unaware” of the fact that the f-word he was using was an anti-LGBTQ+ slur. 

LGBTQ+ advocates found this deeply disturbing and even mentioned that, had it not been for his daughter’s calling out, would the actor have brought himself to stop using the slur? Probably not. 

4. JK Rowling 

Nothing more can be said for the author behind Harry Potter. Nowadays, where the LGBTQ+ community is gradually being acknowledged and accepted by the public, Rowling just had to ruin that momentum by supporting a transphobic woman. 

The woman Rowling supported made a straightforward tweet stating, “Men cannot change into women,” and this is absolutely not acceptable these days, especially now that society is in the process of creating a safe space for the LGBTQ+ community. 

Ever since this issue arose, die-hard Potter fans have revoked their wizarding cards; some have even had their Potter-inspired tattoos removed. 

5. Will Smith 

Who can forget the scandal Smith caused at the Oscars? When it comes to celebrities who have been canceled in 2022, Smith sure went all out. While there were mixed reactions due to his sudden lashing out on Chris Rock, it seemed like the cancellation of the actor overpowered those who supported his actions. 

His aggressive behavior that evening at the Oscars repulsed other actors as well, with nearly all of them stating that violence should never be tolerated. 

Since then, The Academy has banned Smith from the ceremony for a decade. 

6. Ellen DeGeneres

There is a clear distinction between being nice on-air and in person, and apparently, former TV host Ellen DeGeneres preferred to live a two-faced life. 

People began to share their accusations against DeGeneres, which later led to the exposure of the host’s real attitude. 

People say she is bossy, rude, enforces strict and weird rules on the staff, is racist, and loves to shame people. 

Apparently, she is even unapologetic for shaming a minor. Ben Gravolet was a mere 11-year old boy when he was fat-shamed by then 20-year old DeGeneres. 

Clearly, there is a lot of wrongdoing going on with this former TV host, so it is understandable why she got cancelled in the first place. 

7. James Corden 

TV host James Corden has been called out and cancelled by people countless times already, which goes to show that people are no longer oblivious to his true colors. 

One of his issues was when an NYC restaurant called Corden out due to the “abusive” behavior he displayed. 

Since then, people took to Twitter and TikTok to share their personal stories against Corden. 

You would be surprised to hear some of these stories and how utterly detailed they are. 

Can celebrities who have been canceled make a comeback? Sure they can. Think Mel Gibson, Kevin Hart, Sarah Silverman et al. But recovery can take time, and the pocketbook may take a hit.

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