Toronto-born comedian Russell Peters hasn't let his Canadian status handicap him. Big shot's been performing for 20 years, shas old out big venues, and hosted his own specials for the likes of Showtime. Peters, who's half-Indian, half-English, even appeared in an episode of MTV's Cribs, where he greeted the crew while holding a pimp cup and showed off his collection of porn (every immigrant parents' dream). All stereotypes are fair game, but Peters' comedy is almost exclusively devoted to Indian versus Caucasion humor. So, yeah, save the accent jokes: “Don't think for one minute we don't know you're mocking us when we're not around. It's an accent. We're not deaf.” He's particularly fond of pinning Asians against each other: “Chinese people and Indian people cannot do business together. Indians can't live without a bargain, and Chinese people can't give you a bargain.” You better be nice to him regardless of who he's offending, because according to Peters, the white population will one day be no more: “Eventually we're all gonna become some sort of hybrid mix of Chinese and Indian. It's inevitable. They're the two largest populations in the world. So you can run from us now, but sooner or later, we're gonna hump you.” For his current Green Card Tour, however, it's unlikely that Peters will poke fun at Arabs. He says he wants to live.

Sat., Feb. 6, 8 p.m., 2010

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