McDonald's CEO Don Thompson recently shared his weight loss strategy at an analyst conference — and it didn't require setting aside daily meals at the fast food chain. In fact, perhaps taking a tip or two from Subway spokesperson Jared Fogle, McDonald's meals are a part of Thompson's daily diet, making him walking testament of sorts to the food. (Maybe that's in his contract? You know, right under that golden parachute clause.)

According to Business Insider, Thompson said that he was able to have his fast food and lose 20 pounds by becoming more active. This, he said, is more in tune with an active lifestyle he attributes to Europeans — never mind, as Quartz points out, that 52% of adults in the European Union can be considered either overweight or obese. Incidentally, next to the U.S., Europe has the most McDonald's outlets.

McDonald's has been attempting various tweaks to shed its junk food image since obesity became a national — and increasingly international — concern. As Thompson told a nine-year-old girl who partook in the Q & A session at the conference, McDonald's doesn't sell junk food. Right.

Because despite all the fruit-yogurt parfaits and egg white McMuffins, the chain's reputation still rests on its burgers and fries. And while the public health issues like obesity are far too complex to blame McDonald's alone, maybe a Happy Meal isn't really the way to go for weight loss.

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