Quebec — just the thought produces images of … of … Celine Dion and hockey pucks? According to one Quebec “joke” website: “You know you're from Quebec when … you have a mustache at 13.” Maybe it's time we learned more about this mysterious land up north. “Quebec in Hollywood,” presented by the Quebec Government Office in L.A. (they live among us!) presents three weeks of some of the best Quebecois cultural events, all with a French accent. Some highlights: “Quebec in Hollywood Films: The Other North American Cinema”; Artist Corno's portraits of Marilyn Monroe at the David Lawrence Gallery; a guest stint at The Grill on Hollywood by renowned chef Jean-Pierre Curtat of the 5 Diamond AAA-rated Nuances Restaurant at the Casino de Montréal; comic Sugar Sammy at the Comedy Store; Quebec indie rockers Patrick Watson, the Besnard Lakes, Malajube and folkie band the Barr Brothers at the El Rey; and Groupe Sensation Mode presents “Fashion & Opera Fashion Show” with spring and summer 2012 collections from Montreal's top designers showcased with live performances by Opéra de Montreal. Also: a bunch of contortionists and assorted circus freaks with funny accents have taken over the Kodak for the indefinite future. Runs Sept. 9-25. A complete list of events is available at

Sept. 9-25, 2011

LA Weekly