Hot off the internets! FYF Fest has an open slot for a band (or something) to play (or whatever) on Saturday. Only one catch: the band has to be compassionate. That's right, the band has to gather some canned food items for LA Food Bank to earn their keep. Perhaps compassion has less to do with winning than access to fully stocked fall out shelter.

Straight from the F-Yeah horse's mouth:


We have one slot open at the FYF Fest and we are going to give it to the band that brings us the most cans of food. Our food drive will run from 8:00am – 11:59pm on Thursday, September 4th. All cans will be donated to the LA Food Bank.

Our office is located at

3020 Sunset Blvd.

LA, CA 90026

The team with the most cans of canned goods (all vegetables/ no meat!) will win the midday slot on the FYF Fest. For real!

We don't care what band your band sounds like or if you are even in a band. Hell, if you want to do tell jokes, play guitar hero, tap dance or meditatate on stage we are all for it. Our goal is to donate 5,000 cans of food to the LA Food Bank!

Prizes will be awarded to those at random for those that participate in this regardless if they win the slot.

Hit us up at if you have any questions.

Really hope you are involved

LA Weekly