Margaret Atwood is likely a name you've seen but whose face you may not be able to place. Atwood's work of speculative fiction, The Handmaid's Tale, lives in the same postnuclear family dystopia as P.D. James' novel The Children of Men. UCLAlive presents the FRSC and Booker Prize–winner Margaret Atwood reading from The Year of the Flood, her sequel to 2003's Oryx and Crake, the book about friendship, intelligent design and genetically engineered pigoons. Also performing with her tonight are L.A. a cappella collective Sonos, who plan to “dramatically re-create select scenes,” which could be either a tragedy of Payne Stewart proportions or a triumph as revelatory as the words by which the singing is inspired.

Fri., Oct. 9, 8 p.m., 2009

LA Weekly