The kids, they are wise to the ways of green politics. And we don't mean environmentalism. Early results from a statewide “student mock general election” organized by the California Secretary of State would have the Golden State's marijuana legalization effort eking out a win.

With 389 of 636 participating campuses reporting, kids would vote for Prop. 19 nearly 52 percent to 48 percent.

Close, but clearly the kids smell kind, skunky victory.

In real life? Not so much. Prop. 19, which wouldn't let these students have pot (you'd have to be over 21), was trailing in most polls we've seen.

However, this mock election has one point of light for legalization supporters: It's true that, if the public-school-adjacent 18-to-30 voters get off their asses Tuesday and punch their cards in favor of 19, it might just pass.

While most polls have legalization losing, one set of voters in the most-recent SurveyUSA take would actually pass it: Mobile phone users, who had Prop. 19 up 48 percent (yes) to 36 percent (no).

Mobile-phone only users skew young, so if they show up, this could be a real party.

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