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If you're a stoner and you want this legal-weed thing to happen in California, you better set your alarm clocks early two Tuesdays from now and get your ass to the voting booth.

Yet another poll shows Prop. 19, the initiative that would allow folks 21 and older to hold up to an ounce of pot, going down. But this one has it all but defeated, with 51 percent of likely voters indicating they're saying no, according to the latest USC College/Los Angeles Times poll.

Only 39 percent of those polled said they were giving legal pot a thumbs up, according to numbers provided to the Weekly by USC.

Where art thou, my stoners?

With support for snuffing this thing out above 50 percent, its chances are dim. Here's Prop. 19's Achilles heel: If the voting was limited to the 18-to-29 set, it would pass. Fifty-five percent of those folks are A-okay with it.

But 60 percent of the over-65 crowd say no. And here's the thing. Those people, they're not missing the election. They live for elections. And early bird specials at Norms. The 18-to-29 set? Good luck getting them out to the polls.

Ethnically speaking, Latinos are saying no at a rate of 57 percent. Whites: 48 percent. African-Americans: 49 percent. And the ladies, they don't like it either: 53 percent are opposed, according to the USC/Times poll.

Those still undecided: Nine percent. Those folks could still win this thing, but it seems like a long shot to us.

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