Stoners, yes you can. No, Prop. 19, California's marijuana legalization initiative, didn't pass earlier this month. But there's time. And really, 2012, a presidential election year, is the big dance.

As 19's supporters told us, the movement only gained momentum Nov. 2 when 46 percent of you voted to legalize it. Not bad. That's more votes than Meg Whitman's $160-million-plus campaign for governor garnered.

Backers say legalization went from fringe idea to legit political movement with Prop. 19: Unions, civil rights groups and even some police organizations and conservatives said it's time to legalize it.

And now (yeah, we buried the lede), you stoners are on the 2012 campaign strategy like a Beverly Hills housewife on a G6.

Behold, the website. Big. Beautiful. Blue.

… And kinda lame. It's actually just a forum, with not a lot of discussion going on.

Oh well. It's a start. You gotta plant the seeds for that bud to grow, dude.

And you have two years. Get to work.

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