If you think our liberal, weed-loving state is correspondingly looser in the sack, you're probably right.

A recent survey of 1,600 singles by Business Insider found that Californians are indeed more sexually liberated than the rest of the nation. Nearly half of Golden State daters, for example, had their first bedroom experience between the ages of 15 and 18, a number that beat out New York's less-than 45 percent and the rest of the nation's 40 percent or so:

California ranked high on the portion of singles who said people should kiss on the first date (more than half of Golden State residents say that's the right time), but we were beat out by New York's quick-tongued ways (nearly 60 percent of New Yorkers said go for it).

Credit: Business Insider

Credit: Business Insider

As diverse as we are, it's no surprise that Californians are more likely to date people of other races and ethnicities.

The publication says nearly 60 percent of us Golden Staters have gone outside our own so-called race. (We say so-called because, for example, Latino isn't really a race — but you get the idea). That beats New York's nearly 50 percent and the rest of the nation's 45 percent or so.

New Yorkers beat us out when it comes to dating more than one person at a time, barely, at more than 45 percent versus slightly more than 42 percent.

Interestingly, neither Californians nor New Yorkers like to date co-workers as much as singles in the rest of the nation do.

Credit: Business Insider

Credit: Business Insider

We have our limits.

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