The splendid spores of SoCal are sprouting this season! And no, this isn’t a tongue twister — but a fact. Mycologists and shroom aficionados are having the time of their lives right now because it’s mushroom season. If you’re one of these people, we wish you nothing but the most enjoyable foraging ever! However, if you’re just into this plant-based protein, you’re probably better off purchasing an already-foraged one at the grocery or farmer’s market — and in case you’re unsure what to do with them, here are a few mushroom recipes you can try.

5 Delicious Mushroom Recipes You Can Make at Home:

“Faux” Gras

We all like to feel France-fancy. But not everyone can just spontaneously hop on a plane to Europe for a good pâté. Until you can, though, feel free to make your own foie gras — but with mushrooms! One recipe for “faux” gras calls for button mushrooms to be used; plus a few herbs that you might already have in your pantry — like rosemary, cayenne pepper, and black pepper. But it’s still up to you if you want to add a few other flavorings. Once you toss them all in your food processor, you’re good to go! Well…almost. Foie gras is better when paired with bread and saltine crackers!

Mushroom Tacos

If New Yorkers embrace the Italian influence in their city, Angelenos have Mexican cuisine to be proud of also. And perhaps one of the epitomes of Mexican (and Tex-Mex) food is probably just about anything that’s wrapped in a tortilla (soft or crispy)! — mushrooms included; it doesn’t always have to be a choice between beef, lamb, chicken, pork, or even fish. If you’re still craving the umami flavor that will pair well with the refreshing pico de gallo, you can try some of the taco mushroom recipes that can be found all over the web.

Vegan Calamari

They say food brings everyone together, but if the food is calamari, then you’re most likely to bring people closer than ever — we don’t make the rules! It’s just how it seems to be! Calamari is one of the few dishes that people from different cultures enjoy (as almost every country has their own variety). Therefore, if you prefer a vegan substitute to squid,or if you’re just not getting fresh ones at the market, you can opt for mushrooms as an alternative. Calamari — in general — is a versatile dish. It can be an appetizer, the main course, or the finger food that you munch on when you’re watching a game or a movie. Not only that, calamari can also be dipped in a variety of sauces and dips (catsup, mayonnaise, vinegar, etc.).

Mushroom Soup

“Mushroom soup for the soul” — maybe this could be the next big thing; because every region and culture has different kinds of soup to comfort a person. So in case you want to rehydrate, get a good amount of carbs, and to have your daily protein need be met, you can use mushrooms instead. If you like a thick and creamy soup, you can go for the classic Campbell’s-like cream of mushroom soup (but make it better! Don’t skimp out on the shrooms!), but if you want a lighter (yet just as hearty) alternative, maybe the Asian-inspired substitute will do.

Mushroom Pasta

Who doesn’t love pasta? But half of the good thing about pasta is what goes well with it! And mushrooms sure belong in pasta dishes — cream-based, tomato-based, pesto-based, even just the plain oil-based ones. You can use practically any kind of mushroom as a substitute for your go-to protein and you can choose whichever sauce (and pasta type) to go alongside it. You can add cheese, basil, parsley, or anything that normally goes well with pasta for an added depth of flavor.

Mushrooms Aren’t “Picky”

It’s shroom season and there’s no shortage of mushroom recipes you can try making. The world is your oyster…mushroom! However, we don’t encourage you to try foraging them yourself unless you’re aware of the varieties you’re picking — some can be poisonous and some might have psychedelic properties. So know your ‘shrooms!

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