What is it about Google+ that's so much more attractive to Californians than New Yorkers?

Yes, the famed Googleplex is located in our nerdy nothern region (another reason not to secede, you freaks), with a chic southern satellite right here in Venice, and yes, we're all a bunch of social-media-binging fame whores, but according to “Find People on Plus,” we have twice as many users as New York, at 22,000 [via LAist].

Seems like a disproportionately huge gap, if you ask us. Population could account for some of it:

About 37 million people live in California, as opposed to 20 million in New York.

But if we look at a city-by-city breakdown of Google+ users (because the major cities are where are the real social-media action goes down, betwixt the new-age urban socialites in their sardine-packed towers, simultaneously suffocated and isolated, or whatever), New York City sits surprisingly low, considering it's twice the size of Los Angeles.

San Francisco: 5,323

City (sort of a glitch; basically a mix of a bunch of cities): 5,130

New York City: 4,954

Los Angeles: 3,275

Chicago: 3,277

If New York City loved Google+ as much as we Angelenos do, per capita, they'd have hit at least 6,500 users.

So what are you guys, some sort of Zuckerberg fan club? Don't you know he lets the the po sift through your incriminating inboxes? Don't you know the future of “liking” is +1???

The true moral of this story, though, is that San Francisco is freaking obsessed with Google+. Meaning the current transition to a new social-media platform might be on the same trajectory as MySpace-to-Facebook: It starts as Something White People Like, all exclusive and shit, then slowly trickles down from there. (Conspiracy theory: Hence all the white space!)

Let us know, people: Why's the West Coast is so much more stoked on Google+ than the East?


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