Hollywood is a scammer's town, with a casting couch in every office and a house-flipping seminar just waiting for your cash. True?

Not entirely. HONEST Tea's latest National Honesty Index says the good people of California helped the Golden State achieve a respectable ranking when it comes to truth-telling:

California made number nine! Yay? Not bad. But we are the most popular state in the union. That means we should be number one in everything we do.

The company adds that 8 out of 10 Angelenos thought L.A. would be less honest than it actually was. L.A. got a high honesty score of 97 percent. We beat New York (92 percent)!

Credit: HONEST Tea

Credit: HONEST Tea

Alabama and Hawaii tied for the most honest states in America, according to the beverage maker. Yokels.

Here's the test, according to HONEST Tea:

The company set up unmanned kiosks stocked with its beverages and offered them for $1 on the honor system.  

From July 8-18, 61 total locations throughout the country were tested, with data collected on how many people paid for the beverages.

Washington, D.C. was the least honest place in the land (home of our national political representatives — go figure). Women were more honest than men at a rate of 95 percent to 91 percent, the company says.

People with longer hair (94 percent) and who were in groups (96 percent) tended to be more honest. Far out.

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