Props to our California delegates who made drunken fools of themselves in Charlotte even before the Democratic National Convention started there today.

While Mitt Romney's prom had Clint Eastwood lecturing an empty chair in Tampa last week, the Golden State's own Dems were prepping for Obama's second term by tossing tumblers like the suits in Mad Men.

What a great way to contrast the parties:

Republicans tisk-tisk at empty chairs and complain about high taxes for millionaires; Democrats get kicked out of their hotel for exercising their right to be retarded.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, two unnamed delegates returned to their hotel so drunk that one had to be booted and another required medical care:

Credit: AMC

Credit: AMC

Sometime around 2 a.m. Sunday, two delegates returned to the Blake Hotel “intoxicated” according to state party officials and hotel staff noticed one appeared to be unconscious and called emergency service workers. The delegate was treated at a local hospital and released.

The other delegate became unruly with the hotel staff and emergency workers. Some reports say he allegedly claimed to be a member of Congress and a state party official. The hotel staff called police but the man was not arrested.

That last guy, who the Los Angeles Times says at one point falsely claimed to be member of Congress, was told to leave town by none other by the California Democratic Party.

[Correction]: Tenoch Flores, communications director of the California Democratic Party, wants to split hairs here and argue that the delegate did not actually have his ass booted from Charlotte (of course, he's right) but, rather, as he tells the Weekly, that he or she “was asked to leave the hotel and forgo official delegation duties.” Okay. You got us on a technicality. We suck. [End correction].

Forget those party poopers. Way to represent, guys (and/or girl). This is how we nominate.

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