The United States hasn't seen this kind of Southwest discord since California and Arizona fought over Colorado River water rights in the 1920s. If a group of Golden State lawmakers has its way, California would be the first state in the union to boycott Arizona over its controversial immigration law.

More than 40 lawmakers this week endorsed a bill by Los Angeles state Sen. Gil Cedillo that would spark an official Sacramento boycott of Arizona, according to the Associated Press.

His proposal would issue an anti-Arizona travel advisory to Californians, pull Sacramento investment in Arizona and encourage Major League Baseball to pull its 2011 All-Star Game from Arizona.

“The Arizona law undermines fundamental civil rights and civil liberties, and poses a special threat to people of color that live in and travel through Arizona,” said Cedillo.

Resolutions condemning the Arizona law have been introduced in New York and Illinois, but nothing as strong as Cedillo's bill has been put forward by a state so far, according to AP.

Of course, the city of Los Angeles has enacted its own boycott — and City Hall has already had to provide an exception, as Arizona and Southern California are more tightly bound socioeconomically than some leaders realize. (L.A. gets a reported 25 percent of its power from the desert state, for example).

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