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The love audience has for football all over the world is immeasurable. The global fanbase of the sport is undoubtedly spread everywhere, and amidst the fanfare, very few sports brands manage to captivate people’s attention. ‘Calciatori Ignoranti’ has been one of the profound sportswear brands for the football community. The brand has made a place for itself with a following of more than a million and is followed by many well-known celebrities including actors and sports personalities.

‘Calciatori Ignoranti’ is more than a sportswear brand and has made a strong presence in the digital domain. Besides being a brand, it also manages sports and celebrity management and is responsible for organizing soccer events. Launched on March 5, 2015, the brand got officially registered in Italy as an authentic and premium sportswear brand in June 2020. Coined by Luca Diddi, he holds a UEFA Pro license and is a match analyst and a digital entrepreneur. The Florence-based entrepreneur has built a company that has a sports network with great traffic on a national level, and also offers communication services for several businesses and companies.

Not just offering high-end sportswear, ‘Calciatori Ignoranti’ for the last few years has been managing professional athletes. Gradually, they are also hunting talented sports personalities on the web and social media. Bringing this brand to life, the founder said, “It was my passion for the sport that helped me in launching the company that is slowly building up among every football lover. The company has already hit the bullseye with a reach of more than a million on social media. For celebrity and athlete management, the company has been instrumental in offering 360-degree digital services right from production to creating content.

With T-shirts, sweatshirts, men/women trousers and gadgets in its collection, Luca is keen to launch various other sports accessories in the coming time. Moreover, with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the sports company has minimized organizing events. However, if all goes well and the situation comes into control, the company shall organize two soccer events in Rome and Milan later in September 2021. “We hope things become normal with time. A lot of events have been called off earlier, but now we are hopefully aiming to organize minimal low-key events with all the safety precautions”, stated the founder.

As of now, the sports company has ventured into various horizons including organic growth of athletes on social media and giving soccer players sponsorship and exposure through their community. The current focus of ‘Calciatori Ignoranti’ has been boosting digital services across the sports community. Even in such challenging times, the sportswear brand has managed to scale the sales of its products in Italy and Australia. With two football events in September, ‘Calciatori Ignoranti’ aims to organize some massive events later in mid-2022.

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