Update: “3 Boys Who Sprayed Swastikas Say They Were Bullied.”

Update: Three Calabasas High students have reportedly admitted to the crime. More to come in a sheriff's announcement at 10 a.m.

How many times do we have to learn this lesson, people? If you've been bad, no matter how tempting it is to blabber your badness all over Facebook (or get the whole crime scene inked onto your pectorals, as the case may be), doing so will almost certainly lead to your arrest. And your indictment into the Dumbest Criminals hall o' fame.

L.A. County Sheriff's investigators at the Malibu/Lost Hills station report to KNX news radio this morning that they're hot on the social-media trail of the suspected students who decked out Calabasas High School with racist graffiti over Spring Break.

Swastikas, Adolf Hitler faces and “Whites Only” signs above drinking fountains form the elaborate hate crime that school maintenance workers discovered upon arriving to campus Saturday morning. A campus that, we remind you, is vast-majority white and privileged, and extremely high-performing on a state scale. Guess standardized tests don't account for bullheaded ignorance these days.

And while we're getting wistful, remember when Valley punks just smoked bad weed outside the corner Circle K and skated/trespassed in rich neighbors' driveways all break? This is the sickest kind of time-killer:


“They have targeted Christians, they've targeted Jewish people, they've targeted blacks — it's pretty across the board,” says the school's principal. “And it's just hateful.”

Individuals were also targeted: Four students and two teachers, including 11-year Calabasas High math veteran Andrea Camacho Ingersoll, according to the KTLA broadcast.

Their trail of hate is almost as far-reaching as O.C. graffiti suspect Kim Rebar Henry, a middle-aged woman whose black spray recently ragged on Mexicans, Asians, Filipinos, Blacks, Catholics, to name a few. The Calabasas High crew seems to have a similar “troll” flair — in that they're probably just trying to piss off as many people as possible, making the whole thing more ridiculous than pointedly hateful.

Even more ridiculous is their apparent decision to leave hints on Facebook for sheriff's investigators to dig through. We're waiting to hear back on the current status of their hunt; in the meantime, a reward for information is at $2,000, so call (818) 878-1808 if you have any clues.

Originally posted April 25 at 9 a.m.


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