A Thai sex-tourism site run by a Cal State Northridge professor is being voluntarily taken down after the prof and and the university decided it wasn't good for the school's image, the Daily News reported Monday.

Economics professor Kenneth Ng told the paper that bad press over his BigBabyKenny.com site wrongly “implicated me with human trafficking, pedophilia and prostitution.” Ng stated he started the site in order to provide a more open and contrasting view to one in which he had been criticized and censored. He wanted his own forum to advocate “”No Hidden Agenda, No Censorship, and No Bullshit,” about the Thai “bar girl” scene.

He wrote on his site that a pair of brothel owners had started a campaign against him after he started his BigBabyKenny.com, seeing it as competition. Ng stated that the duo wrote emails to CSUN in an attempt to get him to take the site down.

Ng's website offered tips on how to pick up women, negotiate prices with prostitutes and even procure the services of a transvestite in Thailand. “Sometimes you want to get it on with a girl,” states one post. “Sometimes a man seems like a good idea. Sometimes both have their own unique appeal.” Another article on searching for women outside Bankok states: “Valid driver's license, new car, a full tank of gas, and a police and fine free highway in front of you. Let the pussy hunt begin!”

The school stated it would respect Ng's freedom of speech, especially when it comes to an activity he was doing on his own time, but that it felt pressure: Nearly 200 people signed a petition decrying the site, according to the Daily News.

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