I'm predicting a lot of stupid boneheaded moves that are going to destroy a lot of beautiful street art in our city in a misguided effort to “stamp out graffiti.” They'll paint over beautiful pieces that have graced neighborhood walls for years, and once those pieces are gone, ugly tags will show up overnight, leading to yet more calls for police to crack down. It'll be a downward spiral of ugliness and self-fulfilling prophecy that has already become the hallmark of this decade.

Oh what's that you say? It's happening already? So it is… This fine piece by Cahce, Makatron and EyeOne on Heliotrope and Melrose was recently painted over. Metroblogging LA has the whole sad, dumb story.

(Photos by Mark Mauer)

Sean Bonner took this picture of what it looks like now:

(Photo by Sean Bonner)

Expect more of this. See more photos from what it looked like six months ago on Lurker here. And be sure to read the comments thread at Metroblogging to catch up on the story.

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