Summer is right around the corner, and we have never been more ready to enjoy a season. Because last year was a wash, we are doubling down on making up for all the lost memories of 2020 by making summer ‘21 unforgettable. From COVID-safe barbecues to lazing away at the beach, we can’t wait to spend the next few months lapping up the sunshine with those we love most. 

It seems, however, that drinking culture and post-pandemic relaxation go hand-in-hand. There are oodles of lists and suggestions for what beverages to try as you enjoy 2021, but so many of them are alcohol-centric. 

If you are sober from alcohol, for whatever reason, you don’t have to miss out on any fun drinks. Brands have been stepping up their non alcoholic drink game hard this year and we’ve been lucky enough to try some of the best. If you’re planning some booze-free beach days, or just want to try out some fun drinks that don’t get you drunk, here is a list of our favorites so far this year:


Partake has changed the non-alcoholic beer game, no doubt about it. With an incredible lineup of non-alcoholic beers for the summer — Partake PALE. Partake IPA, Partake Blonde, Partake RED, and Partake Dark — you’d never know that these beers were sobriety-friendly. Our family has taken to offering them at every get-together, a welcome offering for our friends trying to abstain or cut back. I’m partial to the blonde ale, while my husband, a dedicated IPA-drinker, swears by their non-alcoholic version. 

Courtesy Three Spirit

Three Spirit 

I’m a sucker for a cool bottle and artistic label, so it’s no surprise that I absolutely adore Three Spirit’s collection of functional and healthier booze alternatives. Aptly named for their function, you choose your non-alcoholic mixture based on how you want to feel. Livener is known as “The Party Starter,” and is perfect for kick-starting your night, giving you a euphoric feeling thanks to its ingredients of guayusa, schizandra and energizing plants. Social Elixir is “The Mood Maker,” elevating and herbal, using the power of plants (non-cannabis) to lift spirits. Nightcap is “The Dream Maker,” a smooth & indulgent slow-sipper of a drink made with lemon balm, valerian and hops.



Rowdy Mermaid

Rowdy Mermaid is the first sparkling adaptogen tonic powered by mushrooms. Made with fruits, botanical herbs and immunity-supporting reishi mushroom extract, these canned drinks are SO GOOD. I powered through my pack pretty quickly, partly because I loved them and partly because I was so excited to share them with others. If you want to feel like you’re showing your friends the next cool thing, pick up some of these immunity-boosting non-alcoholic beverages to impress the heck out of everyone. They have four flavors – Ashwagandha Blackberry, Matcha Yuzu, Strawberry Holy Basil, Chamomile Lime – and we’ve tried every one! 

Mad Lilly Spritzers

Mad Lilly has made some killer cannabis-infused spritzers that’ll make you feel like it’s a beach day (even when it’s not a beach day). Mad Lilly blends simple, pure ingredients to craft tasteful cannabis-infused drinks that are booze-free, but still pack a buzz. From upbeat fizzes to sleepy tonics, there’s a spritzer for everyone in Mad Lilly’s lineup! We especially love their brightly colored glass bottles, making sipping easy and earth-friendly. Not too heavy on cannabis, Mad Lilly’s team is made up of parents who understand responsible cannabis consumption and how to do it. 

Good Stuff Beverages 

We love a good mocktail, but step it up a notch and pour us a cannabis mocktail and we’ll love you forever. As you can see from this list, cannabis-infused non-alcoholic beverages are becoming a big thing, and for good reason. Easy to dose, refreshing, and providing a happy, booze-free buzz, these beverages are the perfect accompaniment to a sunny summer season. Good Stuff Beverages creates all-natural cannabis beverages (made for micro dosing) that are tasty on their own, but can also roll into recipes and mocktails perfect for those saying “no” to alcohol. We’ve tried their lemonade strawberry hibiscus tonic straight from the bottle – delicious – and their lemonade in an herb-muddled mocktail (with help from our garden) -also delicious. 

Suntory ALL-FREE

The famed Japanese whisky maker has created a healthy, refreshing beer-alternative to enjoy just in time for summer. I remember the days when alcohol-free beers were…not the best….and options were limited. Those days are no more, however, with more and more delicious non-ale beer dupes begin to hit the shelves. This Suntory All-Free is one of them, offering a crisp, light taste that goes so well with French fries.  “The concept of ALL-FREE was born from the deep desire to bring joy to consumers and change the perception that an active lifestyle and a delicious beer were incompatible,” explains Yuichi Kato, the head of product development of ALL-FREE at Suntory Beer Ltd.

Courtesy Spherex PHYX

Spherex PHYX

PHYX is an alcohol-free, THC and CBD infused beverage. This sparkling water has zero calories and zero cannabis taste. Made with Spherex’s proprietary, nano-emulsified THC technology, drinking PHYX has you feeling cannabis effects in minutes, lasting about an hour altogether. Coming in a glass bottle, PHYX is discrete and sturdy, making it a great beverage to help pick you up on these sunny summer days! If you’re saying no to booze but yes to bud, these light refreshments will have you smiling from ear-to-ear. 



Ghia just recently hit the market, and they’re a welcome addition to the non-alcoholic drink category. A non-alcoholic aperitif, they take the experience of sipping sober to the next level. The beverage comes in a can and can be enjoyed as-is, or poured over ice. In each ready-to-drink can, Ghia’s signature bitter and herbal flavor profile and health-forward ingredients are balanced with a splash of sparkling water and an additional twist of yuzu and rosemary. We love how inclusive they are, as sipping them makes one feel like they are enjoying a custom cocktail at a high-end bar. Even better? Ghia’s cans are 100% recyclable with zero plastic and labels that burn off in the recycling process and their packaging uses biodegradable and recyclable materials including shippers that are made from 70% recycled content.



Alt is the first of its kind, a water-soluble, flavor neutral, fast-acting THC drink mixer that takes only minutes to take effect. The small yet efficient glass vial that it comes in allows the user maximum dose control. ALT is convenient, small, and most importantly: easy to carry. It packs a punch, so we are grateful for the ability to tailor our dose depending on the situation/desire to imbibe cannabis. So far we’ve tried it in both winter and summer mocktails and they’ve all tasted great!


Earth & Star

Instead of cannabis or alcohol, Earth & Star is made with adaptogens – everyone’s favorite stress-relieving, mushroom-based super supplement. Earth & Star has created ready-to-drink, plant-based mushroom lattes in Matcha, Cacao and Turmeric flavors, along with a Black Coffee, all containing 2000mg of functional mushroom extract (that’s a lot) to serve as a cornerstone for supporting the immune system. Avoid a dreaded summer cold while sipping on something tasty with Earth & Star! We can’t say enough good stuff about adaptogens. 


Courtesy Optimist Drinks

Optimist Drinks

Alcohol and cannabis free, Optimist Drinks makes a collection of three beverage blends made without alcohol, sugar, carbs, calories or additives. The three distinct non-alcoholic blends – Smokey, Bright and Fresh – feature a stunning combination of 10 to 15 unique botanicals that are meticulously sourced from around the world. Their website features handy “cocktail” recipes that taste like the real thing! A great alternative for those looking for a fun and adult drinking experience with absolutely no mind or body-altering effects.


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