The Buzzcocks are back again and maybe you helped, since the famous very-first-wave British punk band decided to crowd-fund their ninth and newest studio album, The Way. It's also up to you whether you file that as a symptom of a collapsing music industry (who doesn't wanna put out a Buzzcocks LP?) or as a long-awaited opportunity for a band to put the art back in their pop without fussery from supervisors. So far The Way is winning positive press mostly for being so damn Buzzcock-y, balancing the melodic, Singles Going Steady side of the band with the more experimental ideas co-founder Pete Shelley always liked to play with. Expect the hits, but expect some trick shots, too. With kindred spirits The Images, pop-but-mostly-punk rockers from the South Bay.

Wed., Sept. 17, 8 p.m., 2014
(Expired: 09/17/14)

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