The Associated Press' Sandy Cohen offers some tips for people who wish to do good when it comes to buying clothes, without exactly placing bleeding hearts on their sleeves.

“We're not talking 'Save the Whales' T-shirts,” Cohen assures us. “These are hip styles that celebrities work into their everyday wardrobes.” She breaks down clothing with a conscience according to rack, as it were:

Jeans: PRVCY

Tops: OmniPeace, Love Yourself:  and H&M:

: — Toms Shoes and Livity Outernational

Other: Reading Is Fundamental through Macys

Cohen says that a growing number of celebrities have channeled their activist instincts into their wardrobes.

“Courteney Cox and pals Jennifer Aniston and Sheryl Crow recently lent their star power to promote OmniPeace, a clothing company that donates 25 percent of its profits to charities working to end poverty and violence in Africa,” Cohen writes, then quotes Cox: “We can bring awareness and we can open people's eyes to things that maybe they wouldn't actually know about. That's our job as celebrities I think. We have to do that and we have to use whatever notoriety we have to push things forward and make things better.”

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