Former Playmate and B-list actress Yvette Vickers' bedroom death last year — and subsequent mummification, after many months of no one coming to check on her — was the freakiest, and downright saddest, horror story ever to play out in the spooky outskirts of Beverly Hills.

Making her $499,000 haunts, now on the market, a total find for L.A. noire-o-philes. (And, of course, daring youngins in search of a Boo Radley-style doorbell ditching adventure. Or do they even make kids that cool anymore?)

LA Curbed found a listing on Redfin for Vickers' former place of residence at 10021 Westwanda Drive (shudder), complete with some very familiar details:

Major fixer upper.

From the Weekly's post on her death: “[Neighbor Susan Savage] came across Vickers last Wednesday after a bone-chilling ordeal that involved “scaling a hillside,” climbing through a broken window, clawing her way past stacks of “clothes, junk mail and letters” — and, finally, discovering the former beauty's corpse next to a phone that had been left off the hook and a space heater that was still running.”

Bedroom Information: All Bedrooms Upstairs

“In the Times piece, neighbor Susan Savage said, on the day she found Vickers, 'she made her way upstairs and found a room with a small space heater still on.' Also in the Times: 'Its mummified state suggests she could have been dead for close to a year, police said.'”

Heating & Cooling: No Cooling

“Another reason we think Vickers was probably dead for well under a year: Heat accelerates the mummification process. [L.A. County Coroner's Assistant Chief Ed Winters] says that “heat could — if a body is out in the elements, out in the desert or next to a heater — it could speed things up a little bit.”

Special Conditions: Probate

Yeah… That one's pretty self-explanatory.

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Tour if you dare: Coldwell Banker Quality Properties will be happy to show you around. But don't come crying to us when a fine-looking ghost in the likeness of the “50 Foot Woman” starts stalking your hallways at night.

Only real-estate listing that comes close, on the jeebie meter: Estranged Bell City Manager Robert Rizzo's $1 million cesspool of sins. And at least he's still alive in handcuffs somewhere.


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