Congressman Thomas,

Surely, you can’t be that stupid.

I mean, even for the standards of the current Republican Party, which has turned from the party of Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt into a hateful, dogmatic and uncompromising group (except in the case of big business, when you become the party of Stepin Fetchit), your comments on CNN are so completely out of line, they defy logic.

To blame Bill Clinton (our last legally elected president) for the current corporate shenanigans completely flies in the face of truth and logic. The president you and your ilk impeached for lying about oral sex presided over a country that lowered teen pregnancy rates 22 percent, dropped the crime rate by roughly the same amount and knocked nearly half the welfare recipients off the rolls. While those numbers were dropping, so were the numbers in divorce, teen drinking, teen suicide and abortion.

But that doesn’t jibe with your partisan rantings. Everything’s Clinton’s fault, from your faulty perceptions about this country’s moral laxity to the state of the military — which was cut to pieces by George Bush I and his secretary of defense — Dick Cheney.

Without a scintilla of regret or moral thought, your party has embraced corporate crooks, polluters and other moral rot. It wasn’t Bill Clinton who cooked books at Enron, Global Crossing, Worldcom and who knows how many other companies.

It wasn’t Bill Clinton who engaged in accounting fraud while working as the CEO of a Fortune 500 company (see Cheney, Dick). It wasn’t Bill Clinton who engaged in insider trading while leading yet another company into bankruptcy (see Bush, G.W.).

It was Bill Clinton who lied about a blow job. Somehow, I don’t see the comparison. Then again, I’m not a morally bankrupt Republican congressman who opts for partisanship ahead of truth.

Respectfully yours,

Brian Robin Lancaster, CA

LA Weekly