Bulletproof Coffee, purveyors of the grass-fed-butter-and-Brain-Octane-oil coffee that's supposed to replace breakfast and claims to increase energy and health, is expanding. After opening a flagship shop and cafe in Santa Monica in July, Bulletproof's controversial owner and creator David Asprey is moving his “biohacking” vision into downtown with a new store that will open next year.

The second Bulletproof location will be at 300 Santa Fe, on the ground floor of the One Santa Fe building in the Arts District, and will feature a much larger interior that, according to Asprey, will be upgraded “to make you perform better and feel different, even if you don’t know why.” This means that, as at the Santa Monica shop, there will be shiny metal floors that are “electrically grounded,” lighting that changes color to sync up with your circadian rhythms and access to Bulletproof's branded technologies (like the Vibe, a whole-body vibration plate). 

Bulletproof Coffee is a riff on traditional Tibetan yak-butter tea and has attracted a cultlike following since Asprey started selling the ingredients — among other products with lofty health claims — on his website a few years ago. The coffee also is available at health food stores like Erewhon for $4.50 a cup. 

Asprey says that drinking Bulletproof Coffee every morning instead of eating breakfast invigorates the mind and keeps you alert throughout the day. At the same time, he says, it will jumpstart your metabolism, help you lose weight, lower your cholesterol and promote healthier eating habits. And, he claims, Bulletproof's “Upgraded Coffee” beans (which are trademarked) are superior to those of his U.S. competitors. 

“I’m overwhelmed with the positive response from the first Bulletproof Coffee location, and we can barely keep up with demand,” Asprey says. “The biggest complaint is that it’s too far away from some parts of Los Angeles, so how could I not fix that problem?”

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