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Investigate This

“There are still serious questions that we believe need to be answered, and we think they should be fully investigated.”

—White House spokesman
Scott McClellan
Monday, September 20

Now that journalists and members of the Bush administration are so obsessed with uncovering the origins of forged documents after Dan Rather’s apology for not verifying the authenticity of records related to George Bush’s National Guard service, we’re wondering if journalists and members of the Bush administration will call for an investigation into a much more outrageous set of forged documents . . .


“That, of course, would be the investigation into just who forged the notorious Niger-uranium documents that purported to show that Iraq had purchased uranium from Niger — the underlying issue that led to the Plame investigation in the first place.”

—Josh Marshall, Talking Points Memo, Sunday, September 19

Marshall’s dispatch was related to the investigation into who in the Bush administration blew Valerie Plame’s CIA cover, not CBS, but we couldn’t help putting the two calls for document investigations together. CBS’s documents may have tarnished Dan Rather’s career, but the Niger documents helped push us into war. So what’s happening on the search for those responsible for the Niger papers? Not much, according to Marshall, who writes, “The dirty little secret is that there’s never been any real investigation into where those documents came from . . . Despite claims to the contrary, the FBI hasn’t made any serious effort to find out who was behind the scam.” Marshall himself does some investigating, though. Check his for more.


eBay Will Save Us

RICHARD CHENEY, vice president of the United States, campaigning in Cincinnati, September 9: “The economy’s changing, you know. It’s — somebody pointed out to me today that something like 400,000 people make some money trading on eBay, you know. [Crosstalk.] Well, I didn’t say their whole living. I mean, they’ve got various businesses and so forth, and they come and spend part of their time on eBay and generate some income that way, and that’s a source that didn’t even exist 10 years ago.”

SENATOR JOHN EDWARDS, vice presidential nominee, campaigning in Washington, D.C., September 9: “Dick Cheney said, well, now wait a minute. The economy’s actually doing better than most people in the country are aware of because there are a lot of people selling things on eBay. You know, I’m here to tell you if we include the lemonade stands and the bake sales, this economy’s roaring.”

Guess God Won’t Be Reaching Out to Democrats

“Our God and the Republican Party are reaching out to young people.’’

—First daughter Barbara Bush,
September 15 at St. Norbert College,
De Pere, Wisconsin, in a speech open only to Bush-Cheney supporters

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