We know buses are a lifeline to many Angelenos who keep this town humming. But they also can be a scourge, tearing up asphalt, tying up traffic by taking up two lanes when pulling up to stops at an angle and, yes, blasting through red lights to stay on schedule.

We can't tell you how many times we've seen that last move. Well, one Reddit community member says a bus that apparently blew through a red almost flattened her yesterday morning. And she spoke up to thank a man who probably saved her life:

The woman, identified by her Reddit handle alida-dear, says she stepped to the curb, put her headphones on for some Bowie, and started to cross as the signal said go:

I stepped off the curb and began my daily ritual of power walking to my office, but was interrupted by a hard yank on my right arm. I looked up at my attacker with confusion. And then the bus went rumbling past from my left.

To the yanker, alida-dear says thanks:

I should have been more careful. I thanked you and you smiled and walked away. I started walking to work and couldn't control my emotions and my eyes welled up. I don't think anyone has ever saved my life before.

So, kind sir, I just wanted to say thank you. I will try to live my life better than I have been.

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[h/t LAist].

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