If we were to imagine what the weekend's annual Burning Man festival looked like from space, we'd think chaos, anarchy and a vision of 50,000 ants madly shrooming in every direction.

But no, the hippy-trance fest looks organized, almost like an sacrificial Mayan rite, in fascinating photos (see a composite after the jump) just published by the European Space Agency.

The California-born, Black Rock, Nevada-based party appears to be almost religiously conformed (and heck, maybe it is):

Burning Man from space.; Credit: ESA

Burning Man from space.; Credit: ESA

This shot is a composite of photos captured from 600 kilometers above by ESA's Proba-1 high-res camera during the fest last week.

If you look closely you can see the shaved-headed old guys picking up on the 19-year-olds in bikinis. (We kid).

Seriously, if you were an alien headed to earth and saw this image on your way down you might might stop in your tracks and turn back. And just imagine your reaction if you actually touched down at Black Rock. Humans are insane:

All your drugs are belong to us.


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