Looking for something food related to do this weekend? Interested in trying out a different cuisine? Then you'd do well to attend the The Nibban Zay Festival, taking place this Sunday, June 27th, at the Whittier Narrows Recreation Area in South El Monte. The event features more than 50 vendors offering the unique and distinctive cuisine of Myanmar, the country formerly known as Burma. One need only look at a map to see what makes Burmese food so intriguing, as the country borders China, India and Thailand.

Among the many Burmese food items available are mohinga, a fish and vermicelli soup considered the national dish, as well as tea leaf salads, halal grilled chicken biryani, shan noodles and samosas. Another item of interest is Burmese tofu, which is made from chickpea flour instead of soy, which one can sample in tofu salads. Or try desserts made with coconut milk or a grass jelly drink featuring its slight tartness and mintiness.

A token system is planned for the food vendors and small donations will give you access to a range of items to explore. If you've ever wanted to try Burmese food, this is place to do it. Live music will also be a part of the festival.

Nibban Zay Festival: Sunday, June 27, from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m; Meadows (Lot D), Legg Lake Group Picnic Area, Whittier Narrows Recreation Area, South El Monte.

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